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Steel Detailing Services

Steel Detailing Services

Real Technology has taken an advanced approach to detailing structural, miscellaneous steel and joists. We continue to strive to set standards in the steel detailing industry.

We offer Tekla certified X-steel detailers,with all workstations running Tekla's X-steel and AutoCAD software and a modern reproduction and digital archival center, we are equipped to handle almost any industrial/commercial project. In fact, we are capable of detailing up to 2000 tons of steel per month.

Real Technology Steel Detailing division utilizes a fully computerized detailing system known as X-Steel. X-Steel is a 3D solid modeling system for detailing structural steelwork.

Using X-Steel our detailers create a 3D model of the complete steel structure including all relevant information required for ordering, fabrication and erection. An experienced staff backs our highly skilled computer steel detailers with the sole responsibility of checking details for accuracy, assuring quality of work.

Models can be transferred to and from other 3D modeling systems including Intergraph, Modeldraft / Frameworks Plus, AutoCAD, Microstation etc. This enables the design team to work closely together to eliminate any potential errors and clashes.

X-steel creates CNC data automatically for all items in the structure with the press of a single key! X-steel supports a wide range of post processors compatible with most CNC machines including Peddinghaus, Vernet, Ficep, Kaltenbach, ESAB, Mesher Greacham etc. This facility substantially reduces time and improves efficiency throughout the production process.

We also provide structural steel detailing in AutoCAD and MicroStation as per client requirement. .

Steel Detailing Services

Steel Detailing Services






Processing of Work

  • Project Bids
    - Provide firm, competitive bids on all types of projects
    - Design Drawings accept Uploaded or emailed scanned file or couriered paper drawings for bid
  • Advance Bills of Material
    - Hand take-offs
    - X-steel generated take-offs
  • Shop and Erection Detail Drawings
    - CAD generated, hand checked details
    - All drawings, material lists and bolt lists are produced automatically from the 3D model together with data for CNC machinery.
    - Our detailing service includes provision of 3D general arrangements, assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials, anchor bolt layouts, material order lists, member preparation details, fitting sheets, and CNC related information.
    - Bolt summaries
    - X-steel generated summaries
  • Deliverable File Type :
    Files may delivered in the following file formats. Plot Files (.plt extensions), PDF Files (.pdf extensions), DWF Files (.dwf extensions), Tiff Files (.tif extensions), Drawing Files (.dwg extensions), DXF Files (.dxf extensions), CNC Files (various types), KISS Files (.kss extensions)



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